Late Covington Businessman Honored In Senate

Honors for a late Covington businessman compliments of the the Virginia General Assembly. A joint resolution pays tribute to William Dressler, Sr. for his community contributions and his decorated World War II service. Dressler’s three children were recognized in the Senate chamber by the president of the State Senate. Dressler died in February of 2015 at the age of 99.

Alleghany County Schools Budget Considered In Richmond

The final say on the look of the Alleghany County School Board Budget lies with the Virginia General Assembly. The numbers coming from Richmond are due sometime after March 10th, the final day scheduled for the current session. Under consideration is a $25.9 million dollar spending plan. The assembly has to somehow rectify a $600,000 difference between the budget bills approved by each chamber. The Senate version eliminated 2% pay raises for teachers. The House approved funds for it in its version.

Greenbrier County Public Schools To Close Thursday And Friday

Public schools in Greenbrier County will be closed Thursday and Friday, as a teacher and service personnel walk out is expected. There was an emergency school board meeting held Monday at which all five school board members voted unanimously to close schools. They also passed a resolution, throwing their full support behind the teachers, whether they choose to walk or not. There was discussion about keeping the schools open but it was determined there wouldn’t be enough staff on hand to make it a safe and productive learning environment.

Meeting On Bath County Visitor Center

A meeting is happening in Bath County Thursday at which an architecture firm will talk about the work it will do on the visitor center and event grounds project for the county. Representatives from Clave and Holmes Architecture will discuss the plans for the facility being built in Mitchelltown. The meeting happens between 6pm and 8pm at the Hot Springs Firehouse. The public is being encouraged to attend and will be able to ask questions about the project.

Greenbrier County Considering Joining Forest Group

Greenbrier County is considering joining the West Virginia Hardwood Alliance Zone (WVHAZ). The area is a densely forested one and also an economic development group founded in 2001. 98.3 percent of West Virginia’s 12 million acres of forested land is classified as commercial forestland, meaning it is available for timber production, say state officials. Membership is now up to ten counties and the group is looking to expand south toward Greenbrier and Fayette Counties.

District Officials Notify Parents Of Text Threat

Alleghany High School administrators issued a statement late last week concerning a text threat directed at Alleghany High School. With the help of police they determined it was made by a student and not credible. The student in question admitted making the threat and was arrested. Officials went on to say that the district maintains strict policies and procedures designed to protect the safety and well-being of our students. They’re also urging parents to have a serious conversation with their children about the
ramifications of social media posts. School will open as normal on Tuesday.

Justice Ordered State Of Emergency Across WV After Heavy Rains, Flooding

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has issued a state of emergency for West Virginia’s 55 counties due to flooding. Justice issued the state of emergency early Saturday after heavy rain triggered flooding in multiple locations. Rain was expected to continue throughout the weekend. The State Emergency Operations Center is on enhanced watch status and will be fully activated if needed.

Greenbrier Valley Conservation District Photo Contest

The Greenbrier Valley Conservation District is holding its photo contest. It’s for amateur photographers in Greenbrier and surrounding counties. There are four categories including: conservation practices, close-up conservation, conservation in action and conservation or agriculture across America. Officials say the contest is intended to showcase great work but also to act as an educational tool for aspring picture takers. All entries have to be submitted by May 15th. Go to to find out more.

Clifton Forge Public Library Meeting Upcoming

Libraries can be a centerpiece of especially smaller communities and The Friends of the Clifton Forge Public Library has a meeting upcoming to discuss the operation and what it does for the public. The meeting happens Monday, February 26, at 6:00 p.m., in the Library’s Michael Armstrong Community Room. As always, the public is invited and encouraged to attend. By joining the group and paying its dues, you can help support financially the activities that the library holds for community benefit. The library is located at 535 Church Street.

Will VA Expand Medicaid?

The chances of Virginia joining a majority of states that have expanded Medicaid have increased significantly after a key GOP lawmaker flipped positions on the issue. Republican Del. Terry Kilgore said Thursday that he’d changed his mind after years of opposition to Medicaid expansion and now supports it. Kilgore says his change of heart was due partly to President Donald Trump’s embrace of work requirements for low-income people on Medicaid