Vaccine Update From Roanoke City And Alleghany Health Districts

Message from the Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts:

We know the demand is great and we at the Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts (RCAHD) are working with our vaccine providing partners (ie, Carilion, Lewis Gale, some of our local pharmacies) to try to expand as many possibilities as we can to deliver the vaccine. It’s going to take time and we have limited supply.

It is good news that people are interested in receiving the vaccine but we are not able to handle the volume of calls we are currently receiving. We believe we may have over 50,000 eligible recipients in Phase 1b, solely in the RCAHD area. Please be patient as we get these processes up and running.

• 1. If you are over 75 and can stay home and stay safe, please do.- If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to stay home and be safe, we are asking you to delay receiving your vaccine for the moment.
– It is important for us to get the vaccine to our public-facing, frontline essential workers who should be at the front of the line because they don’t have the option to stay home.
– If you can stay home and defer your vaccine for a few weeks, it will help all of us and would be the biggest gift you can give to your community right now.- Dr. Morrow has even asked her own mother to wait for a few weeks to receive the vaccine since she has a safe space to be and the support she needs for the time being.
– We have a link on our website to allow people over age 75 who are interested in receiving vaccines to let us know of their interest, but RCAHD is not generally registering this group for vaccines now.