Operation Speed Bump Underway

According to a press release from Alleghany County Sheriff, Kevin Hall, officer’s from the Clifton Forge Police Department, Covington Police Department, Virginia State Police, Alleghany and Bath County Sheriff’s Offices are in the process of arresting twelve individuals on thirty-two drug related indictments. These indictments are the result of a six month investigation into illegal drug activity by officer’s assigned to the Alleghany Highlands Drug Task Force. These indictments were handed down by the Alleghany County Grand Jury who met earlier this month. The Alleghany Highlands Drug Task Force is comprised of officer’s from the Covington Police Department, Virginia State Police, Alleghany, Bath, and Craig County Sheriff’s Office. A more detailed press release including names, charges, and photos of the suspects will be released by the Drug Task Force at the conclusion of this operation.