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Alleghany County Public Schools Closed Thursday

Alleghany County public schools are closed Thursday. There’s a wind chill advisory in effect until noon during which wind chills are expected to be between 5 below and 15 below zero. With those kinds of temperatures, frostbite can occur on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes, plus hypothermia is also a concern.

Greenbrier County Schools Closed Thursday

The West Virginia Department of Education says all schools in Greenbrier County are closed Thursday. That’s due to a wind chill advisory in effect until noon during which wind chills are expected to be between 5 below and 15 below zero. With those kinds of temperatures, frostbite can occur on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes, plus hypothermia is also a concern.

Social Media Threat Probed At AHS

The administration at Alleghany High School was made
aware of a social media threat Wednesday afternoon. Upon learning of the threat, the administrators immediately investigated the social media post and reported to the Sheriff’s Office. It was determined that the threat was made by a student and was not a credible threat. However, Alleghany County Public Schools and the Sheriff’s Office take any threat seriously, whether it was done in jest or to disrupt our schools. Alleghany County Public Schools maintains strict policies and procedures designed to protect the safety and well-being of our students. Officials urge you to have a serious conversation with your children about the ramifications of threats.

How Your Vehicle Is Telling Crooks To Steal It

The Virginia State Police (VSP) Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) Program is launching of a new statewide campaign aimed at reducing the chances of Virginians having their vehicles stolen from in front of their residences or in parking lots. Through a new video public service announcement (PSA) and a new social media platform, the HEAT Program is working to raise the Commonwealth’s awareness about the problem of “puffers.” A puffer is a vehicle left running, unattended and unlocked, to warm up in the winter months. Between January and March 2017, more than 2,200 vehicles were stolen across Virginia.

Kindergarten Orientation For Alleghany County Public Schools

The Alleghany County Public Schools will hold Kindergarten orientation on February 12, 2019. According to Virginia law a child must have reached his/her fifth birthday by September 30, 2019 in order to enroll in Kindergarten. Alleghany County Public Schools offer a Junior-Kindergarten program for children who reach their fifth birthday by December 31, 2019. If your child meets the age requirements, it is recommended that you plan to attend this very important session.
Callaghan Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, and Sharon Elementary Schools will host an orientation session for students who reside in their attendance
At this session, parents will hear from the teachers, the principal, and the school
nurse. Important information regarding the Virginia school physical requirements will
be reviewed. At this meeting a bus driver will be introduced to discuss bus safety. The kindergarten teachers will discuss Junior-Kindergarten and Kindergarten curricula as well as good home-school communications and rapport. During this time parents will visit the classrooms to see the materials and equipment. Parents will also gain other valuable information that will prepare their children for a smooth transition to school.
The orientations at each individual school will begin at 5:30 pm and conclude at 7:30 pm

Morgan Leaving Job As Covington Chief Of Police

In a phone interview this afternoon with Covington City Manager, Richard Douglas, Douglas tells our newsroom that Chief Anthony Morgan verbally resigned early Monday afternoon.

Douglas, when asked would not elaborate on the reason Chief Morgan is leaving, but did say, “we have worked with Chief Morgan on different issues in recent weeks.” Douglas went on to tell us that he respects Chief Morgan for making decisions for his family and that there is ‘no ill will” and wishes him the best in his new endeavors. Douglas went on to say, “Chief Morgan did some very positive things in the last year and the city is going to continue with that.” Douglas cited community policing as one of those positive things. The City Manager closed by saying that the city had several major projects underway that they are focusing on completing. He said those projects are the accreditation of the Covington Police Department, the Police Department’s budget and the new E911 CAD system implementation. “We’d love to keep him, but we are going to move forward”, said Douglas.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Chief Anthony Morgan who said, “I resigned do to some recent developments. I made a personal decision to resign and do what is best for my family”. Chief Morgan did not say what those developments were, but did say that it was a tough decision and had nothing to do with the police department or the public.

Chief Morgan also wants the citizens of Covington to know that Covington holds a very special place in his family’s heart. “The residents have embraced my family and I and we’re thankful for that,” said Morgan.

Chief Morgan was asked if he would stay in Covington as Chief if asked by the City? His answer, “probably not, due to an opportunity that I have with a job in Mt. Rainier, Maryland.” Morgan tells us that he has accepted a position as Police Chief in Mt. Rainier with no other responsibilities.

Chief Anthony Morgan’s last day is February 8, 2019

We have also spoke to Mayor Tom Sibold who tells us that he is seeking more information on why Chief Morgan has resigned, saying only that he thought from previous conversations with the City Manager and Morgan that the Chief was going to stay in Covington. The Mayor would not speculate or give reason for why Chief Morgan was thinking about leaving in the first place. “I’ll leave those details to the City Manager”, said Sibold.

Covington Lumberjacks Baseball Schedule Released

Friday, May 31st is the start of Covington Lumberjacks baseball. They’ll be on the road in Waynesboro to kick off the the 2019 Valley League Baseball schedule. There will be a 42 game regular season schedule, 21 games at home, 21 on the road. The home opener comes Saturday, June 1st when the Staunton Braves come to Casey Field. The regular season wraps up July 25th and the playoffs begin the next day. All home games are at Casey Field and start at 7pm.

Gauntlet Business Program And Competition

Would be entrepreneurs and those looking to expand their business can takepart in the 5th Annual Gauntlet Business Program & Competition starting February 5, 2019! The program introduces a new Two-Track Business Program for Main Street and High Growth businesses. Topics addressed include business training, mentorship, research assistance, marketing, customer retention, and scaling strategies. Classes will be held once a week for 10 weeks, every Tuesday starting February 5, 2019, $45 a month, from 6 to 7:30pm at DSLCC.

Senior ALERT Cancelled After Man Found Dead In Clifton Forge

A Senior ALERT was issued by the Virginia State Police and other organizations Saturday night for an area man living on Falcon Ridge Road in Alleghany County. That alert has since been canceled after authorities found the missing man deceased about 150 to 200 yards off the end of Falcon Ridge Road in Clifton Forge early Sunday morning. According to Alleghany County Sheriff, Kevin Hall, rescuers found 74 year old, Ronald Swann, deceased in a wooded area just off the end of Falcon Ridge Road. A number of law enforcement agencies had been search for Swann. No further details are available at this time.

Blueway Website, Brochure Getting Upgrades

A major tourism initiative by the Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is getting an upgrade.
What’s called the blueway brochure, luring people tot ake part in water-based recreation is being upgraded…first time since it came out in 2013. The new website and brochure will include updated maps with new public access points, longitude and latitudes, rapid classes, river mile markers and much more. There are also updates to make it more secure and additional photo content for users. The website for the Alleghany Highlands Blue-way is