Latest Regional COVID Count Numbers


As of Tuesday, 11/17/20 COVID-19 cases

Cumulative Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts: 7,212

Alleghany Health District 3,773/486 active cases

Roanoke City Health District 3,435/338 active cases

By locality:

· Alleghany County 199/13 active cases

· Botetourt Co 624/74 active cases

· Covington 65/13

· Craig 74/*

· Rke Co 2,517/353 active cases

· Salem 294/19 active cases

· Unknown 4

*cases less than 10 – too small to report

New cases in the last 24 hours:

In process

As of Monday 11/16/20: People hospitalized with COVID-19:

· TOTAL: 74 (53 Alleghany Health District/ 32 Roanoke City Health District)

· NEW: 45 (24 Alleghany Health District/ 21 Roanoke City Health District)

As of Tuesday 11/17/20: COVID-19 related deaths:

126 (55 Alleghany Health District /71 Roanoke City Health District)

Active Outbreaks of COVID-19 in RCAHD as of Tuesday 11/17/20: 37, Primarily long-term care and congregate living facilities

· 14 LTCF

· 7 CLF

· 2 HCF

· 4 Businesses

· 1 Daycare

· 4 School

· 4 Religious

· 1 Restaurant

Situation Update:

Regional metrics: For the week ending on 11/14/20, Near Southwest VA had high burden, substantial transmission, fluctuating trend, …. Three contiguous regions have high burden, substantial transmission.

School metrics: 11/17/20 (2 week incidence v. 1 week):

At Highest risk: Alleghany, Botetourt, Covington Roanoke City, Roanoke County, and Salem

At higher risk: Craig County

To listen to this week’s press briefing with Dr. O’Dell, Click here:

Support Contact Tracing Efforts
We encourage all community members to engage in contact tracing efforts. If you test positive for COVID-19, please use this form to identify and inform your close contacts:

If you are a close contact of a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, please start to quarantine and stay home for 14 days after your last exposure, monitoring yourself for symptoms.

Holiday Planning

With substantial disease spread and considerable community transition, it is extremely important to consider safe ways to celebrate the holidays. Attached is a weekly article from Dr. Morrow, reflecting on this season of giving thanks.
For CDC guidance on celebrations:

COVID testing

The Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts will hold three drive-thru COVID-19 testing events this week (flyers in English and Spanish attached).

Tuesday, November 17th, 3-5pm, Berglund Center

Wednesday, November 18th, 3 – 5pm, Armory @ Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

Thursday, November 19th, 3 – 5 pm, Craig County Health Center