Monday COVID-19 Update

There are now 61,736 cumulative cases of COVID-19 in Virginia with 6,136 hospitalizations and 1,732 deaths.

Virginia is launching a new program to help people struggling to pay their rent or mortgages amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Ralph Northam announced that his administration is putting an initial $50 million in federal coronavirus-relief funds toward housing assistance. Starting this week, Virginians whose ability to cover housing costs has been hurt by the pandemic can apply for financial assistance.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice unveiled his plans for a $1.25 billion coronavirus aid package after months of questions over how he would spend the money.

The Republican governor’s strategy for the federal CARES Act relief fund was disclosed after local, state and federal officials urged him to distribute the cash as widespread business shutdowns hammered the economy. He has dismissed the demands as politically driven.

Justice said he will use roughly half the $1.25 billion to pad the state’s unemployment fund to ensure that jobless claims would continue to be paid. Local governments would get $200 million and small businesses would receive $150 million. Another $100 million would go to “COVID-19 related highway projects.”