Tracking Hurricane Florence In Alleghany County

Alleghany County and Covington City are continuing to monitor the progress of Hurricane
Florence. Local officials are continuing to have daily communications with the Virginia
Department of Emergency Management and National Weather Service. Citizens are still
strongly encouraged to also monitor the weather forecast as rainfall amounts and wind speeds
have currently been reduced for the Alleghany Highlands over the weekend, but the potential to
create significant flooding for the area still exists. The County and City are still preparing for a
worst case scenario until events dictate otherwise. Citizens need to do the same and those that
live in flood prone areas need to make preparations immediately and have the necessary plans in
place to evacuate before water levels rise. People that may have never experienced flooding in
their homes or on their property could have it with this weather event. Citizens also need to be
prepared for extended power outages and road closures.
The County and City will open shelters as needed and as determined by the progression of the
weather event. They have designated the following as shelter locations: Alleghany County
Governmental Complex, Clifton Forge Fire Department, Lone Star Advent Christian Church
Family Life Center, Boiling Springs Elementary, Falling Spring Elementary, Callaghan
Elementary, Dunlap Fire and Rescue Main Station, Clifton Middle/Mountain View Elementary,
Jeter-Watson Intermediate School, and Covington Armory/Recreation Center. If sheltering is
needed, information will be disseminated to the public through the local radio station, Facebook,
online media, County/City websites, and Reverse 911 calls.