Archives for January 2017

Rolling Stone Story

A judge says the woman at the center of a debunked Rolling Stone magazine story about a rape at the University of Virginia must hand over documents in a second defamation lawsuit. The Daily Progress reports that a judge on Monday ordered the woman identified only as “Jackie” to comply with Phi Kappa Psi fraternity’s subpoena seeking documents related to the 2014 article, Jackie’s alleged assault and her relationship with a reporter.

Armed Gunman

Roanoke police are looking for the armed gunman who robbed a bank. Authorities say the robbery happened yesterday morning at the BNC Bank in the three-thousand block of Keagy Road. Officers say the robber is about six-feet tall and displayed a handgun.

Home Invasion

Campbell County authorities are investigating a home invasion. The break-in happened around 9:45 Sunday night in the 100 block of Moss Creek Drive in Forest. Authorities say two armed black men knocked on the resident’s door and when the victim opened it they tried to force their way inside and there was a struggle with shots fired. Police say the suspects left the scene and nobody was injured.

Life Saving Drug

The life-saving drug for opioid abuse, Naloxone, is now available without a prescription at Kroger stores. In November, the state health commissioner issued an order allowing anyone to get the drug without getting a prescription. Kroger officials say they’ve provided additional training to their pharmacists to instruct those who purchase the drug how to administer it. Health officials say three Virginians die of a drug overdose each day.

Woman falls into Well

Authorities say a woman who fell into a well is being treated at the hospital. State police say the woman fell about 25 feet into the well around 6 o’clock last night. The woman’s condition has not been released.

Ban on Immigrants

Hundreds of people in Blacksburg are making their voices heard as they oppose President Trump’s travel ban on immigrants and refugees from several mostly-Muslim countries. Henderson Lawn was filled yesterday with people born in Virginia and overseas. Franklin Harrison who has lived in Blacksburg since he was a child calls the President’s executive order “corrupt and terrible.” Organizers say the nationwide rallies are the beginning of a bi-partisan movement to make communities safe and welcoming.


Police are saying tailgating was the cause of a chain reaction crash in Thaxton. The crash happened around 3:30 Saturday afternoon on Route 460 near Route 684. Authorities say two cars were slowing down to make a left turn and a third car did not slow down causing it to hit the car in front of it starting a chain reaction. Two people were taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Indoor Track

Liberty University is celebrating the grand opening of its new indoor track complex. The complex features a hydraulically banked 200-meter oval track, one of only a few in the country. The nearly 30-million dollar complex, sits underneath the LU monogram on Liberty Mountain.

Pedestrian Crash

Blacksburg police are investigating an accident in which a pedestrian was injured. The accident happened early Saturday morning near North Main and Jackson Streets. The victim is in stable condition and the driver is cooperating with authorities.

Va Tech Students

Some Virginia Tech students are concerned about the uncertainty of President Trump’s executive order. Aboozar Monavarfeshani’s visa expires in May before he can complete his degree and is unsure what will happen to his status in America. His wife is here on the same visa from Iran. Ubadah Sabbagh is a Syrian immigrant and a permanent resident, but if returned he’d likely be imprisoned for not joining the army. Virginia Tech President Timothy Sands in an open letter is advising students not to travel.