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Roanoke Mayor

A new candidate is stepping into the spotlight for what was once thought to be a one-person race for Roanoke mayor. Current city councilman Sherman Lea won the democratic nomination for mayor and remains unopposed on the republican side. An independent candidate, however is fighting his way onto the ballot. Martin Jeffrey launched his campaign after it was official that the Roanoke city mayor’s race would only have one candidate to vote for. Jeffrey says he has lived in the star city for 30 years now, and has been active in community organizations like the NAACP and total action for progress.

State Trooper Dies

State Trooper , Chad Dermyer, who was shot yesterday at a Greyhound bus station in Richmond has dead. Trooper Chad Dermyer was shot yesterday afternoon after talking with a man who then pulled out a gun and opened fire. The gunman was killed in a shootout with other state troopers. Dermyer had recently started working in counter-terrorism and was taking part in a training exercise to deal with suspicious situations. Dermyer is survived by his wife and two children. He was originally from Jackson, Michigan, and also was a former Marine.

Missing Child Found

Good News this morning! According to direct sources on the ground of the search for the 2 1/2 year old, Caleb in Clifton Forge, has been found by searchers. The child appeared to be unharmed and was being checked out by EMT’s on the scene from the Clifton Forge Rescue Squad, at last report. Chief Barry Balser and the other member of the Clifton Forge Police Department, the Alleghany County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the numerous fire and rescue personnel wish to thank everyone for spreading the word so quickly.

International Pkwy Closure

Keep in mind, International Parkway will be closed this Monday, April 4th, just past the entrance to the Lawrence Companies. It’s all part of the ongoing construction of the ELDOR Corporation facility in the Botetourt Center at Greenfield. No public access, whether vehicular, pedestrian or bicycle, will be permitted beyond that point. In addition, the Colonel William Preston Trail, which runs through the northern section of Greenfield, will be closed. All closures are expected to remain in effect through the summer of 2017.

Cox is going digital

FYI,If you’re a Cox customer you may have seen the message already – Cox is going all digital.
Starting this week the company told customers about the new mini-boxes via mail, bill messages, and through social media. Every TV that connects directly to the wall that you want cable service on will need one.
Cox will ditch analog completely July 19th and said this will make internet and TV service better.

Military Institute

Keith Jarvis is the deputy director of construction at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. He’s overseeing the construction of their new $80 million dollar, 205,000 square-foot Indoor Training Facility. “This provides an additional venue and a much needed venue to further enhance the training of the entire corps,” said Jarvis. He says it’s meant to keep cadets marching, rain or shine. Some of the features will include a curved hydraulic Olympic track, climbing wall, rope courses, and underground parking lot. Jarvis says the building will be Eco-friendly and will even be able to collect rainwater. The building is expected to be completed in November of this year.

Black Bears

A few things to keep in mind in the Commonwealth involving Black Bears. Most bears keep to themselves, but some wander into residential areas due to the smell of food around homes. The most common food atrractants are birdfeeders, garbage, and pet food, however, outdoor grills, livestock food, compost, fruit trees, and beehives will attract bears. If you see a bear, keep a respectable distance. Bring pets inside to provide the bear a clear path to leave your property. Never run from a bear. For more information call Wildlife conflict Helpline at (855) 571-9003.

Senator visiting Friday

This Friday, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine will visit Covington to tour the WestRock paper mill and packaging facility. During the visit, Kaine will discuss economic development and meet with facility employees. Formerly known as MeadWestvaco, WestRock is a major employer in Covington and Alleghany County. As Governor, Kaine helped recruit MeadWestvaco to move its headquarters to Virginia.

Texas Roadhouse

As you drive down Route 220 near Tanglewood Mall you may see the frame of a new restaurant taking shape on top of South Peak. Texas Roadhouse restaurant, a store the company expects to serve about 5,000 . The restaurant is expected to open the week of June 20.

Eldor Corp

Italian auto parts manufacturer Pasquale Forte, said Botetourt County is a long way from Italy and Austria, but,its natural beauty, he says, is one of the reasons his company, Eldor Corp., decided to spend $75 million on a production plant in the Greenfield industrial park. Just two weeks after the announcement that Eldor would be building its first North American manufacturing plant, bulldozers have arrived at Greenfield to begin grading the 53-acre site. Construction is expected to be completed by next summer, company officials say.
The plant will be 250,000 square feet, about the size of the Lawrence Transportation building, which will be its nearest neighbor in the Greenfield complex. The average salary will be 38 grand a year.